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My beautiful bride Crystal and her Husband. Photographer: Lety Altam Photography

Crystal was my first bride of March 2022. It was such a beautiful day. The weather was perfect for this early March day. The sun was shining and there weren’t many clouds in the sky. Prior to my arrival I was able to get my cup of morning joe, some breakfast and I showed up at her get ready location, ready to go to glam her and her bridal party. Check-in was seamless! The process that I have implemented for my business ensures that the process from start to finish runs smoothly for both myself and my bride. I valet parked and met one of Crystal's bridal party members in the lobby who escorted me to one of the most beautiful presidential suites that I have ever seen at the W Atlanta - Downtown. It was on the 15th floor and was surrounded by large windows that overlooked the city. This is a makeup artists’ dream because the lighting is natural and perfect. Although I always bring all of my professional lights, I was so happy to see all of these windows. It eased my fear of heights lol!! This suite was perfect for my bride whose look was so regal. I’ll get to how I designed her look below.

The Look

Beautiful Bride Crystal

Crystal’s wedding color pallet consisted of the colors pine, 24k gold, eucalyptus, enchanted (almost like a navy blue) and misty mint. During Crystal’s initial bridal preview, I designed a look to compliment the color pallet. Soft, light, yet warm and natural with a pop of shimmer. As we got closer to Crystal’s wedding day, we had an in-studio appointment (included in her package) and she said “Jasmine, I think I want to turn things up a notch!” Crystal showed me this beautiful look that was done on one of our fave girls, Lizzo! I loved it!! We’re talking full on glam. It consisted of a soft matte smokey eye with detail in her crease. Crystal has these beautiful freckles on her face, so I had to make sure that she was ok with doing this full glam look and if she wanted her freckles covered. So, I asked, “are you sure?” She was like yes, and I said, “let’s do it!!” We went with a softer version since it was going to be transformed into a bridal look. The results were phenomenal and turned out so beautiful for her wedding day. I must say with her beautiful wedding hair, full on glam and elegant dress, Crystal looked like a queen, so regal!

The Bridal Party

Now, for her bridal party, we kept it real soft and cute. I didn’t want to do anything over the top and nothing that they weren’t overall used to. Bridesmaids deserve love, too right? And we want our girls to be comfortable and confident as well, because it can show up in the pictures if they are not and we do not want that! The look for the bridal party was skin focused with soft eyes and a light lash. The makeup looks for the bridal party was cohesive and complimented the overall theme of the wedding. The ladies in the bridal party wore warm metallic colored dresses and our lovely gentleman of the bridal party wore this beautiful tan-ish wheat colored suit. Everything just flowed beautifully.

I didn’t want to do anything over the top and nothing that they weren’t overall used to. Bridesmaids deserve love, too right?

This was such a beautiful bridal party, from the bride to her bridesmaids and her lovely gentlemen. You could just feel the love that they had for her which these days having a good tribe is not easy to come by. If you have that, you are truly blessed. Hold on to those people! These are the people that you want to have by your side in some of your life’s most precious moments. I am so glad that my bride had them, her family and loved ones there to support and witness the union between her and her fiancé.

Congratulations Mrs. Hall!!

Professional images captured by: Lety Altam Photography


Makeup Artist: J. Thomas Artistry, LLC

Photographer: Lety Altam Photography

Videographer: Love In Motion Films

Wedding Planer: House of Bash Atl

Get Ready Location: W Atlanta - Downtown

Wedding Venue: Terminus 330


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