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Jamari was my stunning November 2021 bride. It was such a beautiful day that started in the early cold morning hour. As my team and I got the bridal party ready we were able to watch the sun come up and shine so beautifully into the room that had large beautiful windows that over looked the city.

The Look

The wedding color pallet for Jamari’s wedding was copper, blush, burnt orange and bronze. Perfect for a fall wedding! During Jamari’s bridal preview we initially went with a more subtle glam look but later decided to change things up a bit and go full on glam! It’s so important to listen to the bride and execute the look that she desires. I wanted my bride to feel like her most beautiful self on her wedding day and that goal was definitely accomplished. Check out her look and her review of my services that she received below.

"Jasmine did an amazing job as my mua for my wedding . She was thorough , super sweet and gave me exactly what I asked for! I highly recommend her!" - Jamari

The Bridal Party

The bridal party glam was no exception! Their look was such that it complimented the brides to create an overall cohesive look. It’s very important to make sure that everyone looks and feels their best as it will show in photo’s. For the bridal party, we went with a similar look as the brides; however, it was turned down just a bit by not going in too heavy with any eyeliner.

Instead, I smoked out the bottom and top of the eye closest to their lashes to still give a sultry look but that was soft. Not only was this group of women beautiful but they were sooo much fun!! The energy in the room was great! I loved how they took care of the bride. So far my brides have had such a great group of women who love, respect and cherish their girl. How awesome is that?!

Check out how I got Jamari and her beautiful bridal party glammed for such a beautiful wedding here.

Congratulations Mrs. Dunn!!


Head Makeup Artist: J. Thomas Artistry, LLC

Photographer: Anna Valentine Photos

Videographer: 1 Photo Casso

Wedding Planner: Thompson and Tulle


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